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Register DOI

Anyone, including external partners, who wishes to link an identifier to a digital object can become a DataCite client. DataCite Netherlands will accelerate linking, sharing and protection of research assets of individual researchers as well as global cooperation of research organizations. Organizations wishing to register a DOI are advised to contact customer service at library@tudelft.nl. Individual users associated with a registered organization can make use of a registration form. Before registration, an agreement is made with the TU Delft Library.
With regard to cost, a client is required to pay an annual fee of 750 euros (excl. VAT) per prefix entitling the account holder to create and manage an unlimited number of identifiers. See more pricing information in our Business model.

DataCite Netherlands holds no full text or data content, but rather provides linkages through DOIs, which are tagged to metadata supplied by the data producers. The end result is an efficient, scalable linking system through which a researcher can click on a reference citation in a journal and access the cited data set.

Advantages of DOIs for datasets

A DOI is a persistent identifier, but there are more persistent identifier scheme’s, such as PERL, ARK or URN. Depending on its purpose it is possible to assign different kind of persistent identifiers to the same object. DataCite Netherlands however, does only support the registration of DOIs for datasets.

DOIs are already long in use for journal articles through CrossRef, and now also for scientific datasets, through DataCite. DataCite and CrossRef have committed to the interoperability of their DOIs. Ideally, scholarly content in journals will cite related data by the appropriate DataCite DOI, and in return, the data record will cite the relevant article’s CrossRef DOI. As DOI names are supported by the International DOI Federation (IDF) and registration agencies infrastructure, it ensures ongoing DOI services and allows for a high level of confidence in the quality and accuracy of DOI names. Accordingly, DOIs are only assigned to objects that are under good long-term management, and where there is an intention to make the object persistently available.

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