ORCID Auto-Update has arrived!

ORCID, CrossRef and DataCite (DataCite post) announced the new auto-update service that automatically pushes metadata to ORCID when an ORCID identifier is found in newly registered DOI names.

What is it?
ORCIDs are unique persistent identifiers for researchers. Until now, researchers with ORCID profiles have had to maintain them manually using a “search and claim” tool. With this new linkage between ORCID, CrossRef and DataCite, the ORCID profile can automatically stay up-to-date.

What should you do?
Researchers who have ORCIDs need to do two things:
1. Use your ORCID iD when submitting a paper, dataset, or other research object
2. Authorize Crossref and DataCite to update your ORCID record

More details:
* Of course researchers who don’t have ORCIDs need to get one
* Researchers can authorize DataCite to automatically update their ORCID profile by using the new DataCite Metadata Search page. You’ll see an ORCID login in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

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